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*The “About Me” below was written when I started this blog, in January 2014. Though I’m no longer a college student writing about the burdens of chronic illness in school, I remain dedicated to writing about affordable, accessible, fun, simple products and meals that are gluten free, allergy friendly, and most often low carb. As always–take it easy, but take it.*

There’s something ironic about the person who chooses, quite literally, a “simple” blog theme. Just black and white, nothing particularly complex. But the irony lies when the girl who selected the simple theme has an after-visit printout of “current medical issues” at the doctor’s office much longer than the average grocery list. For a diabetic-celiac college student with a complex life—studying biomedical engineering and pre-medicine at that—selecting the “simple” route is unexpectedly refreshing.

So, how about that awkward moment when you, living alone and cooking 21 meals a week, buy enough groceries that you need not one, but three of your friends to help you get them upstairs? And the joke that quite literally everybody just loves to make—“Got your leather belt? Shooting up before class, eh?” If I sat around and considered my life a massive pity party, I can confidently say I’d never be where I am, or have the aspirations I do for my future. I figured it was time to share some tidbits of my learning how to “do that.”

Here’s my novel thought, readers: whether you’re a diabetic, celiac, the special combo pack, or living just about any other existence that makes you think about life and death at least a few moments everyday [sorry, brief pity party], let’s share. One of my dearest friends, Ella, is a precious lil’ diabetic Brit I met in one of those old-fashioned American Diabetes Association chat rooms for teenagers with blood sugar troubles about 6 years ago. Though we’re yet to meet in person, there is truly comfort in knowing there’s at least one other person out there. Someone to share a headache with, halfway across the world albeit, on a high blood sugar day.

You know, it is only us that can sense shifts in peoples’ emotions and the sudden presence of pity when we casually mention our day-to-day, and find a way to define our lives on something other than our medical charts.


Every post, I can promise a dose of what I’ll call “unknowing person humor,” sharing the funny, and even not-so-funny, daily interactions with those living on a little “check all the ‘No’ boxes on the health history sheet” cloud. I’ll try to give some of my perspective, something my friends always wonder how I maintain, especially this particular year, dealing with diabetes from hell.  (Well, of course, mid-post, I need to go test. No one knows losing a train of thought better than a diabetic with a low, right? Skittles to the rescue!) Perhaps I’ll even share one of my quick gluten free/soy free/peanut free/shellfish free dinner recipes along the way, for those of us always on the run [*read “college students consistently busting their asses”*].

So, if you would, set your alarm for your nighttime insulin, pack your insulin pack and lunch for tomorrows 8-5 day [or whatever your routine calls for], grab some Edy’s Mint Chip Ice Cream [a personal favorite] and settle in. Hit me with any suggestions of what you’d like me to discuss or post, and especially throw out your questions. It’s been a long 15+ years of my unique existence, and I’m anxious to get some of it on pa…well, in words?

Keep on keeping on,




7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ella Carrivick says:

    Love this! You are total dia-spiration Bri! ❤

  2. Katy says:

    “special combo pack” <—love.

  3. Wow! I just randomoly stumbled onto your twitter this evening. Your short bio was inspiring and encouraging at the same time. Keep your head high, stay amazing and thank you for sharing!

  4. WOW: you make me feel like I’m reading shortened bio. Diagnosed age two, got first pump senior year college (dual major Chem E & Comp Sci E). Still playing 54 years t1 later.

    Would love touch base on your reflections as you have a great technical background as well as living it (doesn’t this make data analysis and office visits and reading pubmed fun??).

    • briwolin says:

      Hi there!

      I feel the same way reading your comment! Thank you for reaching out and I’d love to touch base as well. Please find me on Twitter (breezygfreezy) and send me a direct message.


      PS- It absolutely makes data analysis/office visits/pubmed very fun and absolutely second-nature! Hard to explain that on a resume sometimes! 😉

  5. Liz says:

    Hi Brianna,

    We would love to activate you as an influencer for a campaign we are doing for Schar (@scharglutenfree). We DM-ed you on Instagram yesterday, but haven’t heard from you. Please send your information to liz@qnycreative.com if you’d like to participate!

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