gr8box Review–Top 8 Free Subscription Box!

*I was lucky to receive a fun box in the mail this week from gr8box, in exchange for my honest review. *

So, moving in back home for the near future meant my mom slowly realized exactly what my apartment building knew me for–there will be lots of packages every week with my name on them. Whether for a review, new product to try, or due to my minor {read: major} love for Amazon instead of shopping, I think the UPS/FedEx guys know my face and name already–considering I stalked the door for him today…

This week I received a box from gr8box–a monthly subscription box free of the top 8 allergen and no shared equipment or facilities. Amazing! Take a look at the great teal color representing the food allergy community used right on the box!

This month’s box came with a variety of goodies–some from the expected pros, Enjoy Life Foods, and some from companies I’d never heard of. I so appreciate a box that requires no label reading on my end–takes away any element of stress.

However, the items in the box were primarily very high carb–which, for this type 1, means I couldn’t try very many at the time I opened them/will use some for low BG treatment.

This box would make an incredible gift for someone you love living with food allergies, especially a kid who can now open a box and eat everything inside!

Thanks for sending it my way, gr8box!

And guess what! One of my fellow bloggers is running a gr8box giveaway on her blog this week–check it out here!

Take it easy, but take it.



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