Navigating the diabetic-celiac world – – literally!

People like to automatically think of Americans as the most obnoxious, annoying tourists. If that’s the case, I can only imagine what the waiter in the random café in France [a notoriously gluten-free unfriendly place to begin with] came over to me and I proceeded to hand him my laminated gluten free dining card in French (link below!). Now I’m officially the most difficult tourist.

Nonetheless, I absolutely LOVE travel. And never has the lack of gluten free/allergen-free options kept me from exploring, nor heat too high for test strips or insulin. Below is a compiled list, to the best of my memory, of all the places I’ve been, sunbutter, crackers, and Apple Pie flavor Larabars in a backpack alongside insulin on a mini “stomp-to-activate” ice pack:

                        -North America:

                                    -Atlanta, Georgia

                                    -Montgomery/Birmingham, Alabama

                                    -Memphis, Tennessee

                                    -Little Rock, Arkansas

                                    -Dallas, Texas

                                    -Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

                                    -Dodge City, Kansas

                                    -Denver/Boulder, Colorado

                                    -Zion National Park, Utah

                                    -Grand Canyon, Arizona

                                    -Las Vegas, Nevada

                                    -Los Angeles/San Diego/San Francisco, California

                                    -Boston [including many suburbs], Massachusetts

                                    -New York City [including several suburbs], New York

                                    -Newark [including suburbs], New Jersey

                                    -Indianapolis, Indiana

                                    -Philadelphia [including suburbs], Pennsylvania

                                    -Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale [including suburbs], Florida

                                    -Providence, Rhode Island

                                    -Hanover, New Hampshire

                                    -Ann Arbor, Michigan [+many, many suburbs]

                                                                ~ Home for 8 months/year: University of Michigan!

                                    -Chicago, Illinois [+many, many suburbs]

                                                                 ~This is real home.

                        -Central America/Caribbean

                                    -Costa Rica


                                    -St. Thomas

                                    -St. Martin

                                    -You get the point here…countless Caribbean islands

                                                ~[Cruises will be discussed later!]


                                    -Copenhagen, Denmark [Hi Daniel!]

                                    -Frankfurt, Germany

                                    -Paris/Nice/Southern Burgundy, France

                                    -Venice/Florence/Milan, Italy


                                    -Prague, Czech Republic

                                    -Dubrovnik, Croatia

                        -Middle East:

                                    -Jerusalem/Tel Aviv/Haifa/Netanya [+others], Israel

There’s a feeling of accomplishment that comes only from the compilation of a list of every you’ve travelled. And for a diabetic-celiac, who even did many of these trips alone, this sense is even greater. In the coming posts, I’m going to explore specific experiences in countries that stood out to me as a diabetic- celiac, as well as hopefully going to add particular restaurant names [if my memory serves me well!] that were memorable for me, and some photos. If there is a particular country/state you’d like featured in a post, let me know! I’d be happy to elaborate.

As you can, hopefully obviously, see: my somewhat whirlwind-like health existence does not stand in my way. I hope that the following posts inspire all of you to pack your backpack of necessities and hit the road. As a mentor of mine once said, “There’s nothing quite like standing where history happened. Get on the road, and change the world!” [Billy Planer, ETGAR 36]

Take it easy, but take it.



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